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As a Board Certified Workers' Compensation Lawyer, I'm privileged to help injured workers obtain the medical and lost wage benefits they deserve after a valid injury at work. Only 3% of attorneys in Florida are board certified. Unlike other law firms, I enjoy communicating directly with my clients and never employ paralegals to maintain contact. My firm specializes in the litigation of workers' compensation claims, including complex medical issues, and will go to court to obtain the benefits that you're entitled to, as opposed to some firms which only are interested in obtaining a quick, cheap settlement. Many times injured employees are afraid to speak to a lawyer because they are undocumented, paid in cash or working off of the books. They may feel that they will be threatened with termination if they file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. I use my 25 years of expert experience to push through obstacles and obtain the evidence needed to pursue your valid claim.

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WENDER LAW is dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that their legal needs are met and exceeded. We offer high-quality legal work and personal client service. We’re committed to providing you with top notch legal support.

We only represent injured workers and value every client relationship greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. Unlike many workers' compensation law firms, we don't rely on paralegals. An attorney personally handles your case from intake to closure, including all telephone and office conferences. Additionally, we don't push our clients to settle their cases, we fight for specific benefits. Settlement should be an option only if you chose it or you have received all the care and benefits you are entitled to. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.
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